Fluent CLI released

KSM Technology Partners released Domino Data Lab Fluent CLI (Command Line Interface) — an enhanced CLI for interacting with the Domino Enterprise MLOps Platform. Fluent CLI provides the following features: Ability to output results as plain text, JSON, or XML Zero dependency native executable Detailed context sensitive help for each command Easily script and chain commands together in your favorite shell (Bash, PowerShell, etc)

Domino Audit Solution

Domino Data Lab added Domino Audit to Open SCE. This is a webservice which provides enriched auditing using metadata collected by Domino This includes 3 endpoints: Project Audit: And audit of all jobs run in the project, with all metadata associated with that job. Project Activity: An output of the ‘Activity’ section in the project overview page, with options for filtering User Login Audit: An audit log of all user login activities.

Code Translation Toolset

A number of assets for automatic language translation using generative AI has been added to Open SCE. Domino Data Lab released a code translation toolset, which currently includes: CodeConversion.ipynb — Uses the OpenAI API to translate source code from/to a number of different programming languages (e.g. R, Python, SAS) CodeConversionMagic.ipynb — Creates a sasconvert Jupyter magic command for translating SAS code into Python code The full code of this package is available in Open SCE (GitHub)

Study Migration Tool

Study Migration Tool has been added to Open SCE. Study Migration Tool is a Plotly-Dash Python application developed by Achieve Intelligence that generates visualisations of study milestone activity for analysis and migration scheduling. The full code of this package is available in Open SCE (GitHub)